14 Ways to Avoid Mistakes In Home Decoration!

Everyone would want a beautiful house and nice to enjoy the family. But sometimes, inappropriate home decorations make the house uncomfortable.

You can misunderstand the arrangement and decoration of the room and instead cause the house look cramped. You can also choose a home decor that looks cheap.

Moreover, if you think you want to sell your house, home decor becomes more crucial again.

What if people are not interested in buying your home because of the wrong decoration?

Therefore, here are 14 home decoration methods you should avoid to keep your home comfortable.

1. Decorations that ignore the essence of the house

 Ladder, Hallway and Corridor by studio ferlazzo natoli
By studio ferlazzo natoli

Home is the most important thing. Guests who come to your home will get the first impression of your family from your home.

If the front of the house alone is not decorated properly, not by the surrounding environment, does not look clean and uncomfortable views, the whole of parliament will look unattractive.

2. Parks and gardens

House by Moda Interiors
Floreat Residence Oleh Moda Interiors

Planting trees to create a beautiful garden is a good idea. However, you can not just rely on intuition. Think about the long-term effects of planting certain trees in a particular season.

Will this plant last long?
Or, if this plant is a type of vines, how should you plant it?
You certainly can not plant it near the house because the roots can damage the house.

Also, the arrangement of these plants should be as neat as possible. Do not let all appear over-lapping.

3. Put the furniture carelessly and harm

 Ladder, Hallway and Corridor by Equipe Ceramicas
Caprice Cream, DECO Loop Pastel 20×20 By Equipe Ceramicas

When the house looks beautiful, the hallway looks beautiful, and you need to think carefully about where and how you will put furniture, tables, cabinets, chairs and so on.

Placing without taking into account the furniture will only make the room seem crowded and uncomfortable.

4. Do not think carefully before building a swimming pool

 Swimming pool by Argollo & Martins | Arquitetos Associados
By Argollo & Martins | Arquitetos Associados

The swimming pool has beautified the house, but you must take into account the good construction considering the price is not low and its maintenance is not easy.

5. Do not add fireplaces as decorations

 Household by Dim-ora
By Dim-ora

The fireplace serves as a warmer and sometimes home decor. However, adding a fire just like that should not do without considering the continuity of the design style.

6. No ventilation system and good air exchange

 Family room by Dorrington Atcheson Architects
By Dorrington Atcheson Architects

A good home should also have good room ventilation and an effective air exchange hole.

Will these ventilation and air exchange equipment also last a long time? What are the consequences?

7. Paint the walls with too flashy colours

Family room by Espaces à Rêver
Pièce à vivre : salon – Appartement industriel chic & moderne 55m2 – 75010 Paris By Espaces à Rêver

Decorating a house with bright colours may be a trend. However, you need to consider whether the colour trends will continue to survive.

What if you sold your house in the future, would this too flashy colour need to be replaced? Use a safe, neutral colour.

8. Using a variety of kitchen appliances that are not qualified


It’s nice to have a complete kitchen with a variety of cooking utensils to stay selected.

However, if the cookware is not maintained for quality for a low price, let alone tools such as a refrigerator, oven or built-in cooker with a complex system, then you are harming and even endangering yourself.

9. No home decor at all

Family room by Ekaterina Donde Design
By Ekaterina Donde Design

Notice every step of the decor in your home no matter how small it is. Starting from the choice of colours, choice of building materials, even up to furniture, make sure everything is durable and according to taste.

10. No matter to cleanliness

 Windows & doors by Stores Cube
By Stores Cube

The Beautiful house is not always good, especially if the house is not kept clean.

How to make your home look luxurious if the dust builds up, the house is crowded and dirty?

Decoration aims to please the eyes, and if the decor is dirty, how will you enjoy it?

11. Decorating kitchen and toilet

Bathroom by Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten
By Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten

House palace will not mean if the kitchen and toilet are not maintained neat and beautiful.

12. Choosing a difficult to clean floor surface

Kitchen by Life Design
By Life Design

House cleaning is a major factor in-home care and decoration. Therefore, in the process of decoration, do not use materials that are difficult to clean, such as the type of tile that is too small.

If there are any stains, you will have trouble cleaning them.

13. The bathrooms were weird

Bathroom by JSD Interiors
Bathroom 3 By JSD Interiors

All the inside of the house has different construction costs, but for the bathroom, make sure you take into account the size of the room and avoid the tiles with small size so that the room will appear narrow.

14. Choose the type of design and the less good floor

 Wall and Floor by Timberplan
Parquet Itlas By Timberplan

Floor decorations like the parquet floor are beautiful, but you need to make sure they match with each other.

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