My name is Heidi. I’m the mother of two active children, Anna and Peter, really educated midwives, but a full-time blogger. I met my husband who is passionate parts of my life, amateur photographer, commentator, and moderator.

I want to tell you who I am and tell the right story and share with you how I’ve been here in my life where I live right now. A reasonably happy, coffee-dripping, self-procrastinating, scratch-loving blogger who enjoys life at my hometown with my children.

I grew up in different places in the Australia. I went to the same school all my childhood and had several of horses. I was an extrovert child, with introverted interests. I shouted loudly, made my mind known and responded again when something felt unfair, but at the same time I had a great need to be alone – with my horses – and to read books to learn and to empower myself all the subjects of the school. As you should.

As a sudden phrase, I applied to the midwife study in 2006, where I was admitted to study at the beginning of 2007. At that time, I lived with my high school boyfriend, whom I most of all was in love with because he could play the guitar and because his mother made an average lasagna.

Three and a half years later, my dream came true for me when I got my authorization as a midwife. I had developed massively and was from a lonely teenager in southern Adelaide, to be a spacious, competent, patient and patient midwife in Adelaide. In Adelaide, while conceiving my second child, I decided to create a blog. About me.

With my kids in an apartment, I started writing about happy days, living as a midwife, office community, music, fashion, beauty, ecology, travel and everything else. Welcome to, I hope you will be hanging here You could start by reading my most popular personal posts.