Have a Better Night Sleep with These 8 Bedroom Upgrades

Are you tired of having a restless night? Or cannot concentrate in the office because not having enough sleep? Is having a better sleep your New Year’s resolution? If you really want to have a better sleep, you are at the right place.

We all know that having a good quality rest at night is hard to ignore because it improves your mood and memory, help you keep a healthy weight, as well as reduce the risk of getting serious diseases.

How well you sleep can be affected by many factors. Creating a supportive environment can have a great influence on your sleep. The following are some tips form Hgtv that you can use to upgrade your bedroom to start a peaceful year.

1. Declutter

Declutter - 7 bedroom upgrades

How can you get some rest when you are surrounded by paperwork, laundry needed to be folded, exercise equipment, and other things that instinctively connect you to your to-do list. Take the time to tidy your room, get rid of everything that does not make you relax.

Get new place for those unused items in other space, or toss out or even better donate those unwanted things. Remove the clutter with some simple accessories, such as a stack of books or flower vase.

2. Apply Calming Colours

Apply Calming Colours - 7 Bedroom upgrade

Do not ignore the power of colour to your sleep. Colour has a strong impact on mood and energy, and the right colours can turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Some of the most comforting tones are earthy browns, soft greens, and watery blues.

However, there is no fixed rule about colour. Anything that can make you feel happy and tranquil will help you help you to get relaxed in the end. You can begin with new sheets or fresh paint on the walls and see the difference.

If you are considering changing the painting of your bedroom, you are recommended to check the age of your house first. The wall paint in older houses usually contains asbestos. It wouldn’t do any harm to do house inspection and asbestos watch Adelaide before replacing the old paint. Otherwise, you will end up in danger instead of getting a peaceful sleep.

3. No Electronic

Meanwhile, we all hear that electronics are disturbing to sleep. Watching television, checking emails, or maintaining social media feeds before going to bed keeps your brain alert and the blue light emitted by screens inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycles.

According to Sleep.org (powered by the National Sleep Foundation), you are recommended to keep all electronic devices out of the room and provide at least 30 minutes without electronics before going to sleep.

If you really have to use your computer at night, download flux, which can help to adjust your screen to the light conditions of the room you are in. If you have an iPhone, make use the Night Shift setting, that automatically adapts your display to warmer colours after the dark.

4. Dimmer Light

Dimmer Lights - 7 Bedroom Upgrades

Even the slightest glow from a nightlight or an outdoor flashlight can negatively influence your sleep. Get blackout curtains, a sleeping mask or get them both for your bedroom. Make sure you get the right sleep mask, or you will end up feeling too cramped and inconvenient to wear at night.

Browse for the right product, and you can find many vendors who create custom masks for any size of a head.

5. Avoid Noise

Another sleep disturbance is noise, particularly if you live in an area with a loud neighbours and street traffic. A white noise machine or a fan can work miracles to drown out unwanted noise. When your house shares wall with your neighbours, you can use furniture arrangement to reduce noise.

For example, a bookcase can decrease the noise of a nearby apartment by placing them against the wall. Meanwhile, a rug can diminish the noise below.

6. Switch off the Thermostat

To start sleep, our core body temperatures should really drop, and a cool room can help with this transformation. Based on the information from Sleep.org, it is recommended to keep the room temperature between 60 and 67 degrees.

If you like your home to be a little warmer during the day, think about investing in a smart thermostat. It will instantly learn your habits and automatically adapt the temperature when bedtime comes.

7. Safety Inspection

One of important aspect to make you more comfort in your bedroom is safety, this feeling came from eliminating all aspect that probably toxic to your body. Are you believe that your own bedroom is possible to threatening your own health? at first i didn’t believe this, but after couple time of browsing and make couple quotes to professional, yes i do believe that asbestos can be anywhere in the part of your house, especially on old house built in 80-90’s. They can be used as material at roof, ceiling, wall and tile. Go inspect your house by professional at asbestos removal Melbourne. You can send them free quotes about your problem and in no time, they will happy to help you.

8. Update Your Pillows

You might want to learn a trick from Sleep.org to help discover whether your pillows need to be changed: if they do not return after you fold them in half, it’s time to get rid of them. Think about how you sleep when you buy new pillows: Back sleeper is recommended to get thin pillows that support the neck.

Meanwhile, the stomach sleepers should get the thinnest pillow or sleep without pillows. As for the side sleepers, they should choose firm pillows with gussetting or additional panels on the sides.